О нас


The company "Technological systems for protective coatings" was founded in 1999, is a research and engineering center for the development and implementation of technologies for surfacing and spraying multifunctional protective coatings, as well as additive technologies for restoring geometry and growing parts.

To date, the specialists of our company have developed a large number of projects and technical solutions. We solve the most difficult tasks related to the restoration, strengthening of parts and protection against wear, aggressive impact of the environment, etc.

To develop non-standard technical solutions in various industries, we work closely with the main specialized institutes and industry universities.


                     The professional level of our specialists makes it possible to guarantee each client a high level of services provided.

            Technological production

                     The availability of a full production cycle makes it possible to complete the work in a comprehensive and timely manner.

            Research Laboratory

                     All process operations are carried out in accordance with the quality control system. The presence of a research laboratory allows you to control the quality of the applied coatings and ensure the stability of the work on the provided services.


                      More than 1000 own technical solutions with positive reviews at energy facilities, mining, oil refining, gas industry, aircraft industry, construction and other industries.