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Plasma spraying equipment, plasmatrons, TSPC plasma spraying technology

TSPC plasma spraying equipment type MF-P1000 (100 kW, 1000 A, SPS- and mass flow controlled) consists mainly of components listed in the following table:

  • Plasma control panel type VIP 6000 with Siemens Operator Panel type MP270/PC677
  • Visualisation software: Protool or WinCC
  • Separate SPS cabin with Siemens SPS type S7 U300 control unit
  • Separate gas cabin with mass flow controllers
  • Jam Box: current water transition with cooling water control and HF ignition
  • 100 kW chopper electrical power supply PPC 2002 with continuously variable current ranging from 20 A (!) up to 1000 A (up to 120 V (working) voltage)
  • TSPC plasma spraying gun type F6 with fast connectors (other available guns: F1, F4, 3/7/9MB, P2, SG100, 3K Magnum, Delta)
  • [TSPC] powder feeder PF2/2 (type Twin 10); closed-loop powder mass flow controlled powder feeders, also available powder feeders: Mark XV, Miller 1264
  • Heat exchanger type PC250/VWK320 or special solutions, also with energy recovering
  • Complete hose and cable set (length dependend on customers demands)
  • Detailed documentation

Of course, CE conformity is confirmed! Additional powder feed lines as well as alternative or additional plasma gas lines are imparted according to customers specifications. All gases (Ar, H2, He, N2) can be mixed as desired in order to e.g. increase deposition rate or efficiency.

TSPC is always willing to satisfy to meet special customer demands special customer demands or to provide options for increased flexibility!

Plasma control panel VIP 6000 PPC 2002 electrical power supply
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