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Hardfacing and anticorrsion coatings
OEM manufacturing
Powder and wire
Equipment and powders supplier. Researching and applicating new technologies of welding and sputtering

TSPC group works with coatings since 1991.

So we have vast experience in protective coatings. Now our company is the leader of the Russian market for protective coatings. The main reason of success is the strong desire to satisfy our customers’ needs. Our company uses several technologies for protective coatings.
Here is the list of the technologies we use:

We offer turnkey installations and service of thermal spray equipment, research spray technologies, teach staff to work with our equipment and technologies.

There are a lot of Russian leading companies among our customers.

TSPC HVOF spraying process

Our plants are equipped with modern equipment and certified according to ISO 9001. Our technologies enable us to protect surfaces with various materials, such as:

  • stainless steel alloys
  • Nickel and Cobalt based alloys
  • tungsten and chromium carbides
  • oxides
  • Aluminum, Bronzes, Zinc, Molybdenum, Babbit
  • polymeric materials

We guarantee high quality of our coatings and full compliance with the Russian technical and safety regulations.

Coatings | Repair | OEM manufacturing | Equipment | Materials | Contacts
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