TSPC Thermal spray protective coatings. HVOF plasma equipment and powder for surfacing.
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Technological systems for protective coatings (TSPC) - Russian company which offers the the highest quality surfaces produced with the most modern spraying equipment and materials. Thermal sprayed and welded coatings provide protection against wear, corrosion and temperature. These high-performance surfaces are used in all sorts of different areas, such as oil and gas, chemical, power generation, aerospace, automobile and steel industries. Whether they are face shafts or submersible pumps in oil and gas, synchronization rings or furnace rolls - coated components have a longer working life, improve process efficiency and meet the highest technological standards.  

Technological systems for protective coatings

ISO 9001 Certificate

We work in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Middle Asia and Caucasus to make protective coatings with thermal spray equipment. We have 15 years of success in oil and gas, chemical, aviation, automotive, metals applications. With a team of 20 doctors and engineers we are able to solve any task in the sphere of hardfacing and corrosion protection thermally sprayed coatings. Our ISO 9000 certified job shops in Moscow, Tumen, Perm equipped with High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF), Plasma Spray, Flame Spray equipment, labs, lathes and grinding machines.

Make protective coatings and coated details by customer specification

Our ISO 9000 certified manufacturing shops and wide spectrum of partners around the Russian Federation allows us to complete almost any coating task request for. We provide functional surfaces for new parts provided by customer. We are ready to coat individual parts or large-scale series production.

Thermal spray equipment manufacturing and supply in Russia and CIS

Our partnership with GTV Mbh (www.gtv-mbh.de), Germany, allows us to create highly effective automated turn-key complexes for thermal spray. Our clients - air and automotive engines makers, air repair enterprises, oil equipment developers, gas treatment plants. We make projects installing HVOF and HVAF, PS, PTA>, PTWA, FS systems. We install equipment, develop technological processes, train staff and make service maintenance.

Hoganas powders official distributor

Hoganas logo

We are official distributor of Hoganas AB (www.hoganas.com) in Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan. We provide full spectrum of HVOF, plasma spray, flame spray, powder welding and PTA wires and powders. Partnership with leading Russian manufacturers of metal wires allows us to provide also a full spectrum of flame spray FS wires.

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